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Looking for a location to grow your business that has less red tape, is fast and convenient when it comes to making business happen, and can give you the kind of connectivity you need to succeed. Look no further than Lithuania.

Less red tape

Lithuania is committed to providing the best conditions possible to get your business up and running. You’ll find that it only takes 24 hours to register your business using an e-signature. What’s more, you’ll also find that we are committed to putting in place legislation that is not only business friendly, but business building. Just look at how the Bank of Lithuania has streamlined IBAN and SEPA processes to help the Fintech industry thrive.

Ease of doing business

11th globally

for ease of Doing Business

1 day to register a business using an e-signature

1 day

to register a business using an e-signature

Get a full breakdown of Lithuania's economy and its position in various international rankings here

Fast and convenient

EU-wide recognition of Lithuania’s acceleration in e-government solutions offers a one-stop-shop for public information and services for business, a fast online system for the registration and payment of taxes, allowing the taxpayers file all tax returns electronically. An IT-based tax administration system (“i.MAS”) contributes to an effective and modern tax administration in Lithuania which in addition to 50+ Bilateral double taxation avoidance treaties ensures that business environment is both convenient and cost-effective.

Ease of paying taxes

6th in the EU

in ease of paying taxes

E-Services For Business

8th in the EU

for digital public services for businesses

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Lithuania’s greatest asset is its talent. Looking to outperform your targets? Our people will deliver, and then some.

Quality and costs

Lithuania offers quality talent and business infrastructure at costs that will help your bottom line.


Convenient location, strong logistics capacity and world-leading ICT infrastructure – Lithuania is ready for you.

Innovation and R&D

With an ecosystem that nurtures talent and supports growth, Lithuania is among top countries in the CEE region for innovation.


From the buzz of the city to the refreshing calm of the countryside, Lithuania gives you the lifestyle balance you deserve.

We are here for you!

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